FTools.script registration

Before registering the FTools.script, you need to download and install it. After installation, you need to register your FTools. After registering, you will receive a license key on the email you indicated during registration. In order to register FTools, follow these steps:
  1. Launch 3DS MAX.
  2. Click Get license key in F-Tools.script
  3. A registration page will appear. Enter your details. Provide a valid email. You will receive a key on this email. Specify the language you choose for mailing.
  4. If you enter the correct data, a message about the successful completion of the registration will appear; wait for a letter with an attached key.
  5. Save the key on your computer.
  6. Go back to 3DS MAX and click Load license key in F-Tools.script
  7. Specify the key you have received earlier.
  8. If the registration is successful, the contents of the menu F-Tools.script will change.
  9. Click About in order to view your license details.
  10. Registration has been finished successfully. You may now use the product.