Ftools.script is our internal development for optimization of a process of creating of fountain animation. Parametrical creation of a water picture, preparation for animation, parametrical generation of animation of fountain water pictures – all these save your time. The tool answers the purposes of 3D designers who have to face not only fountain animation, but fountain visualization as well. In fact, the first thing that belongs to their duties is creation of a water picture and preparation of the scene for visualization. It happens very often that it is quite enough to provide a customer only with fountain pictures that save his (her) and your time.

Main capabilities:

  • Parametrical creation of a fountain water picture
  • Parametrical generation of animation of fountain water patterns
  • Animation system of lighting of a fountain water picture
  • Other tools for creation and management of a three-dimensional scene

Parametrical creation of a fountain water picture

FTools.script provides a possibility for parametrical creation of fountain water pictures. You select from a list one of available water patterns and set required parameters. The tool will build automatically a pattern in accordance with the set dimensions and with specified number of sprays. Additionally, such important things as a separate layer for a water pattern, named selections are being created; a special modifier for animation of lighting is being applied as well as gravity and deflector. After you build water patterns it is possible to pass on to setting up of sprays. To add splendour, set up height – all these are being made in a special editor. You may save settings of your choice to use them in future projects.

Parametrical generation of animation of fountain water patterns

A small dynamic fountain can be animated manually using just a standard toolkit of 3D modelling software. But imagine that you have faced a task of modelling of animation of the main municipal music fountain with dozens and even hundreds of sprays! And what if the technical specifications are being altered continuously and you have to set up animation over again each time? Surely, it is colossal loss of time and it is inadmissible! FTools.script tool gives a possibility to generate parametrically animation of water patterns. Different operating modes of valves and frequency controllers are inserted in FTools.script generator. So, the only thing you have to do is to care about beautiful combinations of the patterns and their working in time with music (of course, if it is necessary)

Animation system of lighting of a fountain water picture

To implement a possibility of animation of lighting of water patterns a modifier functioning along with special material was developed. They give together a command to the scanline renderer which colour must be used in the current slide (being visualized at the moment). The modifier’s settings are rather simple. You need just click on the required colour in the required slide. Your actions will be saved in the key slides of the material and modifier (then they will be used during rendering).

Other tools for creation and management of a three-dimensional scene

Computerized creation of named selections, computerized creation of layers, “only particle systems” selection mask, a possibility to edit any quantity of nozzles, copy/paste animation of nozzles, a possibility to create key slides for frequency controllers, valves, and lighting on a semi-automatic basis; a possibility to delete parts of animation of nozzles accurately, a possibility to limit temporarily life time of particles for optimization of a scene.
All these are developed for comfortable creation of fountain animation.

What should you know before you purchase FTools.script

Conditions and limitations

F-Tools.script licence key is being purchased for a term of one year with a right to use it on one computer. In the other words, if you need to install it on another computer then you will be required to purchase a new licence key. You may change 3DS MAX or Windows – the licence key will stay valid. You may install F-Tools.script on several copies of 3DS MAX all at once on one computer. But if you change the computer or alter its configuration (except for its random access memory, hard disk drive and video card) you will need to create a new licence key.

Operational requirements

F-Tools.script functions on all 3DS MAX versions beginning from 2009 version. The only condition is that the 3DS MAX version must be original (without localization, English version only). It is desirable to have a computer with a sufficient random access memory (it is recommended at least 4 Gb), up-to-date processor (preferably at least a dual-core one and not less than 2.4 Hz) and satisfactory video card (for example, nVidia 8800GT). The tool works with particle systems and is critical for computer resources.

Methods of payment

Residents of Russia and countries of Commonwealth of Independent States can pay via money transfer systems, e-money, PayPal or a banking account of a self-employed entrepreneur.

The tool price

  • 12-month use costs 295 USD
After you purchase our tool we stay in touch with you. We consult on technical matters and matters of creation of fountain animation. Along with us you will master details of the tool functioning and begin manufacturing of your own fountain animations.


To download FTools.scripts demo-version use the link: F-Tools.script[DEMO] (24774)
Manual in English: FTools.Help.ENG (17868)

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