Fountain animation

How to explain functioning of a music fountain to your customer? How to persuade a customer that the fountain will sparkle in time with his (her) favourite melody? The answer is obvious: to order 3D fountain animation! The basin, sprays, dimensions, heights – everything will be created in accordance with the drawings. And the animation itself will be built in a photo in such a way that the customer will have a possibility to see functioning of the fountain in the future environment. more...

Fountain visualization

Fountain visualization is a series of pictures unlocking potential of the fountain water picture. In which case fountain visualisation will answer your purpose? It will fit well when it is necessary to make sure visually that design of the future fountain is developed well enough; when dynamics of fountain functioning is evident anyway; or just when there is no time to wait for animation... more...
fountain in 3d


If you are involved in creating 3D animation then you will find use for this tool without fail. It represents our internal development and has been created intentionally for building of fountain water pictures and their following animation. more...
ftools.script utility


Surely, to start quickly one must get a good “kick” of knowledge! And we can give it to you. The tool’s author personally will instruct you and tell you about details of work on creation of animation. Only for Russian speakers. Sorry.
ftools.script utility

Catalogue of fountains

There were such situations when you needed to demonstrate to your customer “whatever”?! Any idea so that not to lose him (her) forever... Before you think out “on the fly” and order urgent animation in a hurry, please, have a glimpse into our catalogue of ready-made ideas! Maybe you will find something that answers you customer’s requirements. Finished animation will cost you cheaper several times without mentioning that you will get it almost in a moment!
ftools.script utility