Hello! My name is Ivan. Fountain animation is my job. Yes. I love my job :)


I use FTools.script utility in my job. This is a special tools for making fountain animation. It was developed by me in 2006. Maybe you can find it usefull for you. So you can read more about it.


I work alone. Without freelancers. So I am 100% responsible for my work.


I have no a lot of works in my gallery. Why? Because I don't show my projects without the written consent of the client. So my clients trust me.


mail me: info@fountain-tools.com skype me: dia-doca (text only)

Fountain Animation

анимация Frequently asked questions about the service fountain animation. Read more.

Fountain visualization

визуализация Frequently asked questions about the service fountain visualization. Read more.


утилита Learn how to make fountain animation with FTools.script Read more.

Do you need fountain animation?

What should you do? How much time does it take to create animation? What stages does the process consist of? You can find answers in my FAQ!

So. How does it cost?

  • Fountain animation synchronized with music cost 400USD.
  • Fountain animation without music synchronization cost 220USD.